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Prayers of Love and Faith


St Andrews PCC has Formally Agreed to Allow the Use Prayers of Love and Faith

In December 2023 a selection of readings and prayers of thanksgiving, dedication and asking for God’s blessing for same-sex couples were made available for use within Church of England services for the first time, following approval by the House of Bishops. 

At our Parochial Church Council (PCC) meeting 24th January 2024, we formally agreed that the use of these prayers within regular services would be made available to any same-sex couple who would like to have a prayer of blessing over their relationship within the church. If you would like to organise to have your relationship blessed during a regular service, please do speak to the Vicar in the first instance to make arrangements. (contact details below)


For more information about the prayers and why the Vicar commended them to the PCC please read more here. 


The PCC also agreed the following statement: 

 'In commending these prayers, this PCC also wishes to make clear our view that they do not go nearly far enough and lament the continuing hurt done to our siblings in Christ by institutional reticence and fear. We urge our representatives at local and national synod to work towards a solution that would allow churches which so wish to fully celebrate before God the reality of equal marriage between faithful Christians regardless of gender. We pray for a national church that values diversity and unity equally so we may all walk together and make Christ known afresh in this generation across the nation.'     

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