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25th - 27th November

Our Church would like to invite you and your organisation to help celebrate and bring Christmas this year to Cleveleys at our Christmas Fayre and Christmas Tree festival, to compete for the prize of winning the Cleveleys Christmas Tree of the Year 2023. This year there is even a trophy to display for the winner!


Come help bring a festive smile to our community.  You are warmly invited to bring a Christmas tree to the church, being as creative as you like, where votes will be cast for the winner. hundreds of local people will visit over the weekend and its a great way of getting your business or local organisation some exposure. 

At the fayre there will be many stalls selling everything from antiques to cakes, food and drink will be served, raffles, games and activities for the kids. We also have a remembrance tree for people to decorate in memory of loved ones. The fayre is a very busy event and many groups including schools and uniformed organisations also come to visit. It is a great way of connecting with our community here in Cleveleys.

Below, you will find more details about the event, how to sign up and rules for the trees. If you would like to sign up please fill in the booking form below. Entries by Monday 13th November. We very much hope that you will come and take part as we celebrate the season together!

To sign up please make contact with Kath Ashworth, 07903521688 or email 

Christmas Tree Festival Rules

  • Please bring your own tree, no taller than 6ft to be set up by members of your organisation on Monday 21st November 3pm-6pm (or by arrangement if this is not convenient). Trees must be artificial.

  • Battery operated LED lights must be used. Please no flashing lights or music.

  • Publicity for your group/organisation/business is encouraged. Please do feel free to bring leaflets etc which you may wish to place around the base of your tree.

  • Decorations must be family friendly and appropriate in the church space. Any worries or queries please do be in contact.

  • If you would like a separate stall to make contacts or sell products as part of the fayre, please do be in contact with the organisers.


Decorating your Tree Tips

Please feel free to be as creative as you can! You are encouraged to create a tree that says something about who you are. We want loads of fun/interactive trees to bring that Christmas spirit to our town and children. Some examples could include:

  • A music group decorates a tree with silver notes.

  • A vets could use blown up gloves as decoration.

  • A nursery may encourage all the children to make a decoration

  • A bakery may make edible decorations so the public can try what they make.

  • Using lego to create a Christmas scene around the tree.

  • The possibilities are endless!

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